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I have had Angular Cheilitis for about 2 months, I am 20 years old and I have NEVER had it affect me until recently. As you know it is a horrible condition that makes you feel like a modern day leper. Your face is the first impression you make on others, and with Angular Cheilitis, all people see are these diseased looking patches in the corners of your mouth. People say you can get Angular Cheilitis from many different things but I honestly think mine was merely caused by having chapped lips and constantly licking them to keep them moist. I've researched and researched online and there definatly is NO solid cures. I tried everything. Fungal creams, vitamins,the cures that you have to pay money for (the dish soap cure)only to find out that they help, but not cure. Going to the Dr. Is my last option, so I tried everything. I finally came up with my own solution. I found this solution at work, I work for Safeway and seen this stuff on the shelf called Silver Solution by Curad. On the package there is a list of the types of bacteria and fungi it cures. It just so happens that these types of bac. and fungi are most commonly found in Angular Cheilitis. It was 5 bucks I figured why not just try it. When I got home I washed my mouth with hot water then blotted dry with a paper towel, applied the silver solution (which is more like a clear gel) and when it dried out, I reapplied. By doing this for two days, my hand on god it cleared up almost 95% in those two days. I am so relived and happy that I finally found something works!! It is so simple and I found this all out without the BS internet cures. So consider yourself lucky that you found my solution sooner than later, because now your well on your way to actually feeling free from Angular Cheilitis.

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The silver solution is awesome and cleared it up in 2 days! Thank you so much for posting!


Did you find the silver cream/gel burned or itched before it started to work

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