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OKAY, I will make this short & sweet as possible. I got BV Dec 2013 for the first time and FREAKED out. I went to my gyno - was given antibiotics & a few weeks later - it was back. I tried EVERYTHING, acidophilus, yogurt inserts, garlic insert ACV + water douches - Literally EVERYTHING.

I did some research on BORIC ACID. It works WONDERS. I simply purchased boric acid powder from amazon + 00 capsules. I filled them up and inserted one at night. the next morning - Discharge and smell was GONE. I did it for two nights, just to be sure it wasn't a fluke. May 2014 will be 4 months BV Free. I also have left over boric acid + capsules just in case this monster decides to pop up again.

Stay happy and healthy Ladies! Hope you find your cure soon!

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Did you buy the Capsule Machine Kit as well?


Hey..I'm aabout to place my order on Amazon. ..I have a few questions please. .I see it a powder or a pill? How do yoy insert it?


Okay I don't get it so what happens after u insert all these different type of pills in your vag? Does kt disolve in there overnight? You rake them out in the am? Every single woman has failed to say what happens to the pills?!! I am ver y curious to know... Will you please email me and tell me please!!! Someone anyone???!!

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