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You can try olive oil to cure hair loss.
How to Use Olive Oil for the Hair loss
Here is a step wise, olive oil hair loss treatment procedure, which can be easily carried out at home. 
Step 1
Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil, in a bowl. Remember always to use extra virgin olive oil, as it is olive oil in its most natural form.
Step 2
Take a small amount of this mixture in your palm and with your fingertips, apply it on your scalp and hair. 
Step 3
Massage your hair lightly. Remember not to pull the hair while massaging as it might increase the amount of hair that you are losing. Continue massaging for about fifteen minutes.
Step 4
Post massaging, take a shower cap and cover your head with it. Leave the oil on the hair overnight or for minimum four hours. This helps in better absorption of oil by the scalp and the hair.
Step 5
In the morning, wash your hair with a mild shampoo or with a medicated shampoo. People who are suffering from hair loss should always dilute the shampoo with water and then apply it on the hair and scalp, rather than applying directly, as all shampoos contain chemicals, and these chemicals, when they come in direct contact with the scalp, can weaken the hair roots and thus, cause further hair loss.

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Eat Omega 3.

Massage head daily with Coconut oil.

Don't smoke.

Avoid soft drinks.


Google home remedies for hair loss.

Reduce stress in your life.

Drink lots of water. via @youtube

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