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I have read through the suggestions that people have submitted and I admire the persistence everyone has shared. I myself am just finishing up my first OB. The sores were really not the issue for me...I only had a couple and I used neem oil and other soothing oils in addition to colloidal silver and they healed fast. What I found debilitating was the neurological response. Apparently I was having an extreme reaction compared to what the rest of you have expressed. I was able to work with an herbalist and I came up with a blend that almost completely stopped the nervous system 'freak out' if you want to call it that. Since I haven't seen anyone really discuss this aspect on here I thought it was a good idea to let people know in case the neurological pain gets too bad for them as well.
I am talking about numbness then hyper sensitivity, shooting pain through the sacrum and down the legs, pain in the feet, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, inability to pass urine or have a bowel movement...just like a paraplegic. Anyway, I know it is different for everyone but here is what I did that really reversed a lot of those symptoms. Literally in three days.
Methylated B Vitamins with Additional B 12
Potassium Powder
St Johns Wort
Lemon Balm

Magnesium in another big player in nerve health but I didn't add it this go around.
Try to get as much as you can in a tincture (alcohol not glycerin). I would do a dropper full of each in water 4 times a day.Within three days I was about back to normal on the nerve pain.
Of course I was doing the other stuff to deal with the herpes virus as many of you have discussed, but I felt this was something that hasn't really been discussed. Hopefully if anyone else had the nervous system reaction like I did they will find this remedy helpful. I was amazed at how fast the body pain was relieved.

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