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I also inherited the genetic baggage of hemorrhoids as well as having 10+ pound babies all over 23 inches. I have found the biggest thing that gives me problems is diet. I have noticed that ANY enriched flour products (this is processed sugar) such as breads or pastas will 'light me up'. Also, any alcoholic beverages with sweetener (margaritas, tonic water, grenadine, sweet and sour mixer, etc.) will light it up. I have to take a stool softener (colace is the best and non-addictive) and drink plenty of water. No sodas at all for me. I also really limit my beef intake as well. I like the tea bags, Vicks, aloe, rutin, and cayenne pepper pills as relief. I really would love surgery but cannot afford it. They just have to be babied. I am also mid-40s and carrying extra weight which I am certain does not help. Another gigantic help is colloidal silver (that we make) and I will drink that as well as apply externally. That seems to be a great help as well. It really seems that you have to stay on top what you ingest.

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be careful of long term use of colloidal silver - it causes argyria

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