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Hello. My name is Kimbol and I have had psoriasis for 28 years. I have tried all of the topical cremes, even methotrexate for a few months in 1994 which helped some but didn’t cure it. In January 2014, I settled on one diet. I also began taking over the counter vitamin supplements. Over a 3 month time period, I gradually began to see my psoriasis almost disappear.

Now, my arms and lower back are almost clear. My legs, buttocks and scalp are clear now.

I began walking a lot and changed my eating habits to a mostly vegetable diet with some chicken or fish only once/twice a week.
I do not drink or eat ‘diet’ anything.
I began taking supplements in February 2014.
This is when I began to really notice a change in my psoriasis.
Daily x 5 Day Vitamin schedule: Vitamin C 2000 U (2 tablets low cost brand)
Vitamin D 4000 U (2 tablets low cost brand)
Multi vitamin 1 daily
Iron 70 mg (2 tablets low cost brand)(March 2014 - I now take only 2 tablets a week)
Milk Thistle 525 mg (2 tablets low cost brand)(0.0185 ounces)
In addition to my weekly diet of rolled oatmeal, lots of fresh salads, canned tuna fish, baked chicken/fish, fresh steam vegetables, 4-5 slices of rye bread per week. I can have all of the salsa and chips and fresh fruit that I want. I have added 4-6 large glasses of water daily.

It is now April and I have had no itching or flare ups at all... I work on the road away from home and my life has stress. This seems to work for me. I pray it works for you also.

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