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i hv anal warts (some around my anus and some in the rectum) for about a month and my doctor suggested me to burn them off. It's my first day to try ACV. After 2 hours the warts immediately turned white and hard. I also discovered a tiny wart which i didnt notice before. AMAZING! i am also drinking 4 teaspoon of ACV. I actually have scheduled a surgery to remove the warts tomorrow but now i decided to cancel it and will see what ACV can do first. Surgery is way too intrusive. I'm really worried about the damage it did to my anus. Seems it will take months to recover as it is a very fragile part.

I also got some Vitamin C and Vitamin B supplements, garlic pills , hoping to boost my immune system and kill HPV from within.

Does anyone have warts near the rectum? how do you apply the ACV? i tried dissolving ACV with water 1:2 and injecting it but feels weird... it burns!

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Good to know, I've been using acv and got rid of some on the outside. There is just one that used to be big but is now small to the upper left of my hole and then another small one on the bottom of my hole. But when I stick my index finger inside I feel more than a couple. I used to inject acv up there but I stopped and I'm not sure if I should start again. I'll try the cottonball idea when I heal up and put it deeper. I'm taking vitamin c pills and garlic pills and I also have two white headed-dots next to my penis but they're super small and they could possibly be warts so I'm gonna be using acv to get them off



You can get apple cider vinegar at Healthy Option store it's available in Sm malls.


Start my first treatment of ACV tonight, it burns. I was a little scared at first to try it but after seeing so many comment about it helping I thought in would give it a try. I just discovered my anal warts 2 days ago and I was super freaked out! Thanks for all the help guys:)


I cured mine in 3 weeks by completely changing my diet to fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean meat, vitamin supplements, ACV (drank only), worked out consistently, and drank less alcohol .. Basically just started really taking care of myself. within 3 weeks anal warts are gone.. I had 3 small warts, one the size of a pea..


I am a 26 yr old female and I somehow contracted anal warts last year even though I was still a virgin at the time! I was completely shocked and distraught and had thought they were haemarroids the whole time. The doctor even prescribed steroid cream thinking that's what they were which actually accelerated their growth. After being properly diagnosed I was in a state of depression and when surgery was suggested I jumped at the chance to get rid of them quickly as the freezing treatment was extremely painful.
After the surgery things seemed Ok for a few months but a year later and I have awful trouble going to the toilet and an itching uncomfortable feeling after passing, it can be worse some days more than others and stops me from exercising, being active or social and generally gets me down. Now I wonder if I maybe rushed too soon into drastic surgery and have permanently damaged the tissue in this area. I have moved states from where the surgeon was that performed the operation so I haven't been able to speak with them since. I just keep hoping it gets better. Does anyone have a similar experience? I also want to share this as maybe there are people out there feeling so desperate to solve the problem that they may not consider the risks of surgery.


Acv is apple cider vinegar

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