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i hv anal warts (some around my anus and some in the rectum) for about a month and my doctor suggested me to burn them off. It's my first day to try ACV. After 2 hours the warts immediately turned white and hard. I also discovered a tiny wart which i didnt notice before. AMAZING! i am also drinking 4 teaspoon of ACV. I actually have scheduled a surgery to remove the warts tomorrow but now i decided to cancel it and will see what ACV can do first. Surgery is way too intrusive. I'm really worried about the damage it did to my anus. Seems it will take months to recover as it is a very fragile part.

I also got some Vitamin C and Vitamin B supplements, garlic pills , hoping to boost my immune system and kill HPV from within.

Does anyone have warts near the rectum? how do you apply the ACV? i tried dissolving ACV with water 1:2 and injecting it but feels weird... it burns!

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ACV is widely sold in the supermarket. just look for it.


unfortunately, my warts r back after 3 weeks.. i did 4 treatments before...


I just started trying the process with ACV and OMG I almost screamed & cried like a baby!!!! Was in the bathroom for 30 mins. I am scared to try again, but need to get better so my child can have a healthier mother :(

hlwan htet

what is ACV?

hlwan htet


is that right?


apple cider vinegar availablein allsuper market in vinegar section, i used white vinegar like datu puti bcoz at first i thought also theres no alavailabe acv here in the phil but it also work may anus warts gets smaller now. believe me or not, i want to give hope for everyone bcoz even me experience this anus warts that makes me crazy


can someone explain me the process, how to put the acv in the wart?


I should try this. I have anus warts in my opening. It started from inside then spread outside. Good thing, i have ACV in my kitchen. It use it for sore throat. I hope this works for me too. Ill keep u posted.

Random143 from manila philippines


I got them when I was in hospital and yes they are inbearsing you feel nasty but you shouldn't because it comes from taking a lot of medication my doctor says so do what you have to to get rid of them good luck everyone that has them


After 3 days of ACV treatment, my external warts vanished/disappeared.

i still have a problem with the one's that are inside.

I tried to put cotton ball with pure ACV in my hole. At first, it burns like hell. but the second time around, i got used to it. the burning sensation is slightly tolerable.

Clean first your ass inside before putting cotton ball with pure ACV.

it is also effective. i tried to feel using my bare index finger inside my ass. i noticed some disappeared and some became small. but there are still a few left.

Right now, I am on my 5th day rest without applying ACV in my outer and inner ass. Because my skin got burnt because of the ACV. So i decided to stop as of the moment applying ACV in my ass. instead i am taking 4 tablespoon orally of pure ACV for additonal immunity.

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