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i hv anal warts (some around my anus and some in the rectum) for about a month and my doctor suggested me to burn them off. It's my first day to try ACV. After 2 hours the warts immediately turned white and hard. I also discovered a tiny wart which i didnt notice before. AMAZING! i am also drinking 4 teaspoon of ACV. I actually have scheduled a surgery to remove the warts tomorrow but now i decided to cancel it and will see what ACV can do first. Surgery is way too intrusive. I'm really worried about the damage it did to my anus. Seems it will take months to recover as it is a very fragile part.

I also got some Vitamin C and Vitamin B supplements, garlic pills , hoping to boost my immune system and kill HPV from within.

Does anyone have warts near the rectum? how do you apply the ACV? i tried dissolving ACV with water 1:2 and injecting it but feels weird... it burns!

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so how was it going? mine is better. i started to try it on friday 25 april, its getting smaller. but it is still there when i use a mirror to look at it.
but i will continue to use it though.


all the visible warts r gone after 3 ACV treatments! but im worried there r more which i could see in the rectum.. so i am still injecting ACV with water in my ass


i still have mine, even though it turns whiter. and im still using it. lets keep update okay?


I have this condition for no apparent reason have been suffering now for about 6-7 months. Talked about the surgery with the doctor but am also trying the account solution. Best way I have found is dunk cotton swabs in acv and plug away. There is another article from USA today that states duck tape if applied for 6 continuous days will also kill them off. My solution is to use cotton balls and tape it off with the duck tape. May be painfull to remove later but I'm desperate for this to work. The pain, odor, and embarrassment has to stop. If this gets worse the doctor warns they can cause cancer. Starting treatment today will let you know. The swabs have been in for 3 hours and already they are turning white, which from what I read is the first step of them dying. It says to continue this for about 2 weeks then use a nail file to sand them off after they are dead and hard.


yes mine gets smaller, the doctor also told me it will take 40.000 peso for surgery. that is crazy. but now im happy, well even though its not totally gone, but it shows progress. and im gonna use it until its completely gone


pls someone should tell me how i can get acv to buy. My warts are getting bigger


pls someone should tell me how i can get acv to buy. My warts are getting bigger. I am in nigeria


Just want to let people know I've been doing this too and they were all mostly gone in a couple days. I've just been sticking quips up my anus and it has been clearing out. Im going to squirt it up there too to really clear it out. I am also taking a multi vitamin, wiping with witch hazel, and keeping paper towel in there to keep it dry. I had gone to the doctor and did the burning and it hasn't worked nearly as well as this did. Just keep going at it everyday, until it is gone, and push through the pain and they will go away. But i do suggest after you think they are all gone to go to a doctor and get an anoscope, just to be 100% sure.


What is ACV please help I also have genital warts


ACV Apple Cider Vinegar

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