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Tried everything I could for an abscess on my gum to relieve pain and pressure until I can get into the dentist, which thanks to a previous dental issue, I can't afford to do for another 3 weeks. I have a large abscess that was very painful and wouldn't drain. I didn't dare lance it as I have no idea where nerves in there run. What finally worked for me to opening it up was to soak a green tea bag in hot salt water. After a few minutes I squeezed the bag out and rolled it up, cutting the string off and tucking the staple side inside the roll. Then sprinkle a little more salt on the exterior of the damp bag before tucking it in between my lip and gum overnight. Had it in 1 night before being awakened by a sharp ripping sensation in the area of the abscess. I got up and took the bag out and checked the mirror only to see a large amount of drainage. I rinsed out with salt water followed by peroxide. It hasn't puffed back up yet, but I'm sure it will. Happy to be out of pain even if it's short lived until I can get it fixed professionally. If you're in a lot of pain from an abscess that won't drain: Try a salted green tea bag overnight. It's the only thing that has helped me.

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gonna try it right now I hope it works fast on amoxicillin and still no relief thanks for advice

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