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There is a bar soap you might be able to find in the laundry isle called Fels-Naptha soap. Although it is very hard to find it works wonders!! It is a drying agent so it pulls out the oils of poison ivy and allows the area to heal. Just wet the area and lather then rinse. Repeat daily. Also it's the best stain lifter ever-even removes old stains!!!

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I saw the Fels-Naptha Soap comment and knew I had a bar for use on my sons football pants. I soaped up washcloth and scrubbed the effected areas. It relieves the itche for a good while, maybe an hour or 2. I just kept going back and re-scrubbing every time I started to itch. 2 days later my patches are dring up nicely. People say dont itch, but I think the hare scrubbing and getting that soap into the exposed area is what really helped me. Next time I think I wear pants when cleaning out he landscaping.


My wife had this soap in the laundry room. After reading this remedy I tried the fels-naptha soap. IT WORKS...I seem to get poisin ivy at least once a year and always listen for new ways to get it gone. This soap is also takes stains out...go figure. I used an old toothbrush and scrubbed the heck out of the bumps.....this is key to getting the soap inside the affected area ! Plus it feels really good....after scrubbing i leave the soap piled up on the area until it dries....Gone the next day. I swear!


Is it safe? Search for Fels-Naptha on Wikipedia - - petroleum products not my favorite to rub on my body.

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