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Ok, I am a female and I was diagnosed with GW after having had them for months (and thinking I was getting strange skin tags) I finally went to the Dr. and she used acid to remove them. Twice. It burned like hell (for like 10 minutes) to have that done. It only really removed the very small ones. The reason I finally went to the doctor was because I was getting bigger ones. It didn't help the big ones. They were still there. And I also had a LOT on the inside. I did something really dumb too. I shaved because I thought they were gone. They weren't and that made the big one spread other big ones. Bad idea. DON'T shave. I am not a fan of hair at all, but now I just shave the outside and trim the inside. So after the acid I tried ACV. I did this for two weeks on the big ones on the outside, I only did this once in the inside (stuffing ACV soaked makeup remover pads inside me burned so bad the next night I couldn't stand it) if you are going to do this on the inside I highly recommend stuffing the crap out of it the first night and leaving it there overnight, as it was close to impossible for me for me to do this the following evening because it burned so bad I thought my head was going to explode and I didn't do it again!!. Overall this did work a bit on the outside...but they were still there. So after reading this site for about 3 days straight I decided to change my plan a little. This is an infection not a disease, I needed to treat it as so! Some of it seems so simple, but I started doing the following:

-drink an insane amount of water
-quit smoking (I guess I needed WARTS to make that happen) finally.
-started drinking at least 3 glasses (per day) of green tea with honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil in it. I have read about the benefits of coconut oil if taken internally each should do the same. It has many health benefits that sound amazing. It gave me an added bonus of a little boost of energy as well. Look it up. Good shit.
-In the morning I chopped up about a tablespoon of garlic, put it in a shot glass and filled the rest of it with this stuff I had in the fridge called Fire Cider (it's ACV with lots of other ingredients that cures hangovers/colds etc). I highly recommend this stuff for lots of reasons. I drank that. Then took a multi-vitamin and 1,000 mg of vitamin C.
-I slathered my vag in Coconut oil. Inside and out. As many times a day as possible. Every time I thought if it I did it. I would say an average of 4 times a day. Coconut is a natural healer, I use it on many things (cuts/scrapes/tattoos) as it has antibacterial and anti microbial properties.
-In the afternoon I did the Fire Cider recipe again and also took vitamin B and Viatamin E.
-in the evening I took a hot shower and washed my vag with this organic lavender soap after I washed with my normal soap. When I get out I laid around and let it dry really well. I took a piece of garlic and strung toothfloss through it and put it inside my vag. Did coconut oil on the outside. Then did the fire cider recipe again, and took 1,000 mg of vitamin C again and also ibuprofen to help with some of the swelling that I was still dealing with from having done the ACV for so long.

This made my warts non-existant in about 5 days. I am about 10 days into this treatment and I have none on the outside. I can't see any at the opening of my vag any longer either. From what I was reading on this site and the way the ACV burned the crap out of me on the inside I needed a milder remedy. This worked for me really well, and a lot quicker than the ACV. Idk, maybe it was the combination of using the ACV and then healing it with all the other stuff. This remedy is something that I am going to continue for the next two years as it takes an average of that long for your body to fight it off and go dormant. It seems a lot of people have issues as soon as they stop doing whatever they were doing. My plan is to continue to do this and take a break every 4 days with the vitamin portion, since I have read this is better for your body. I will give updates over the next two years and let you all know how it goes. I also want to point out that I have this far bought Fire Cider at a farm up the street from my house, but you can google the recipe and make it yourself if you want. Be safe all, the journey will be over soon. Be good to yourselves and always remember it could have been least this is just an infection and it goes away!

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I am a male and have had them for 14 years just kind of let myself go,(SMH) so I wana try your remedy I am a heavy smoker and about to quit starting tom.u think this will really work for me,I have them between my legs,in anus,and around my shaft and the fold of my skin on penis.this excites me.i want a change and I want it now,thanks fire cider queen.


Thanks for sharing this.. this really helps me a lot...


So what do you think about the ones on the inside? I'm a male and I have a couple on the inside. I'm crazy and I've been squirting some ACV diluted with water up there each time after I poop to clean out my butthole (you're lucky your vag doesn't get poopy) and then wipe with Kleenex wipes because it hurts to wipe with the dorm toilet paper and I have open cuts from the ACV getting rid of the warts and then after I have been applying coconut oil. It's been like the second day of applying the coconut oil and it's seems to be healing so I'm just taking 500 mg of Vitamin C and then a multi-vitamin errday along with Omega D3 2000 IU with fish oil 1200 mg one every week or so and then using tea tree oil bar soap in the shower and I use my finger to get it on the inside of my anus as tea tree oil helps as well I guess. It's been about a month or so that I've known I have GW and went to a doctor for treatment but I have to go through with surgery and that's too much during school right now.


First of all let me say, I HATE THE ACV treatment. Its too painful, and will clear one wart up, and another wart arrives. You have to keep your vag so dry by stuffing cotton balls everywhere. Plus it hurts so much, and even bleeds if you urinate and get stinging urine on the ACV treated wart! The ACV probably works better for men (can keep shit drier) Needless to say nothing has worked. Ive been taking 1000mg Vitamin C as soon as the first one popped up with 2000 mg of folic acid. (not mcg, but MG!) I read your post (thank you) and I started the coconut oil regiment immediately. Three tbls/yesterday, and two so far today. I noticed the tingle/itch stopped within hours. One of the warts shrinked so much over night its almost gone! I added mega doses of echinacea (just cheap natures way) 400 mg@6caps=2400mg. I can already start to feel the root of the wart shrinking. This means its dissolving internally. I had to rounds of fresh crushed exposed garlic (exposed to air about 10 mins) then did a shot of garlic with coconut oil. I recommend for ladies to not ruin your undies, and instead wear a stayfree 100% cotton maxi pad to catch the excess Coconut oil after you do the 'slathering' I will update soon to let you know how many days it takes to clear with this method. Im so happy I found your post! Thank you


***Continued from above, Im headed to the store to make my fire cider mix. Might as well try to join all forces! Its definitely shrinking and that is more progressive than anything Ive done so far

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