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After a hot shower, place a few drops of hydrogen peroxide inside the ear and insert a small bit of wadded cotton to keep the liquid from spilling out. Next lay on a low setting of a heating pad with a thin towel over it to keep from burning yourself. Take an oral decongestant and Tylenol.

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yup! i use this remady all ther time!


Ask and you shall receive. I put 3 drops of peroxide in my ear then a piece of cotton. Woke up the next morning and it was 90% better still a little clogged but way better then the night before. I also took a Claritan D 24 before I went to bed.


Never sleep on a heating pad!! You might create a wonderful environment for the baterica (from your most likely sinus infection) to grow and wreak havoc! They love warm moist places like your sinuses. It happened to me! I woke up and my eye was swollen shut! 3 surgeries later, 2 weeks in the hospital, I will never sleep on a heating pad again!!


Help me . . . This crap feels weird . And dont know what to do -


DO NOT LAY ON A HEATING PAD!!! My mother had me do this when I young and the heat draws the infection to she surface and it will break your ear drum. This happened to me.


Try a product called the ear Ease. It is a special water bottle for the Ear. You just fill it w/ hot water, hold it to the ear for a few minutes and it will release the pressure and drain your inner ear through the eustachian tube if it is clogged.

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