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Hi Ladies! So I call this a home remedy just because it doesn't involve a doctor's visit ;) I have been having trouble with a specific type of BV (not the usual symptoms... I would have a water-gushing thing going felt like I was peeing my pants, just awful). I did some online research and found out that some good 'ol herbs had powerful antibacterial properties to help restore balance to the system. In particular, Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, Golden Seal, and Coconut Oil (Capryllic Acid). Oregano oil and Olive leaf kill all sorts of bacteria and have been used for centuries by other cultures instead of antibiotics.

So here is my routine: take an antibacterial herbal supplement in the morning (one I really like right now because it has a formula with a bunch of these herbals All-In-One is called VF10 Complete Feminine Care Formula... it even has Cinnamon in it to regulate blood sugar), then take probiotics in the afternoon AND night (ones with lots of strains of good bacteria/flora). I also pretty much cut out sugar from my diet and follow the usual rules (no douche, no panties to bed, take a multivitamin).

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So glad to have found your post. What you describe sounds like the type of BV I just came down with. Any idea what this strain is called so I can further research? Thanks again for posting.


Thank you..
I have been suffering for a while and have tried all other natural remedies. But I noticed that this time it is a bit different. That gushing, peeing pants feeling.
I will give this a try.


Where did you get it?

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