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THIS IS A NEW POST, BECAUSE MY PHONE MADE TO MANY TYPOS BEFORE. Hello there all my ladies out there that are suffering from this AWFUL GROSS BV yuckiness! I have a easy way to get rid of it...and get your life back as well! This whole BV thing can take over our life. I feel your pain ladies.
OK first thing you want To do is get a douche bottle...and rinse it out good. Now add 3 quarters of peroxide, and the rest water. So half and half, but more peroxide then water. Use really warm water. Go ahead and douche. Then repeat with douching with peroxide and water again.
After you have cleansed all the nasty bacteria want to get some good healthy stuff in there. Save the douche bottle, just in case you need to repeat this if it ever comes back. Just ALWAYS clean the douche bottle out very well. OK so next we want to take about two or three acidophilus (sorry dont know how to spell it lol, but u all know what pill im talking about) and put them in some type of small bowl or container. You need to put a few drops of water on them, because you want to stir them into somewhat of a paste texture. OK. So now you got a few of the pills all mashed up and a paste texture. Next add about four tablespoons of non flavored plain Greek yogurt. Now mix the paste mixture and the yogurt all together. Stir it really good. Now your going to coat a tampon. Soak it in the mixture. The tampon is probably going to expand a bit. That's fine! Once you know its soaked with the mixture.....go ahead and insert it in to your vagina. Make sure you wipe yourself up if you made a mess. Now put a panty liner or pad on, and go to sleep. I should have mentioned Do this AT NIGHT. In the morning take it out.....and take a shower or wash up. Your going to do the sane thing for 3 nights. ONLY THE YOGURT,PILL,TAMPON method. DO NOT.....douche again. You only needed to douche that one time, to get all the bacteria out. This works ladies, but you have to be consistent for those three nights. Even if you feel you smell better after one day, still do this for three days.
Also: I take two odorless garlic pills each
Day. One in the morning & one at night.
I also take a one a day woman's multivitamin and I always drinks lots of water. Cut down on the soda. ***always use dove soap down there. It works wonders. No need to stick all kinds of oils and garlic pills, everything but the kitchen sink up in there. Yikes! This is a easy harmless way to get rid of it. Also please make sure its BV. if this is your first time experiencing odor and discharge, it may be something else. This is for all the woman that know for sure its Bv that's happening, because they have been dealing with it coming back over and over again....and doctor's meds just don't work.
Hope this works. Let me know your results. :)

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What is douching? I suffer really badly with BV


Thank you & all the others here for non-medicinal remedies. I got BV for the first time three weeks ago and I knew it was not a yeast infection. It was so uncomfortable I did not want to have sex. Plus I was going to Mexico and I did not want to take any heavy drugs that would make me feel worse. I thought it might go away, but it did not. Not super bad, but stinging pain on the outside and more discharge than normal. I did get it tested at the doctor and was positive for BV and nothing else, but of course the usual treatment is Flagyl, the most horrible antibiotic ever. I took it 10 years ago for a parasite I got in South America and it knocked me out completely. There is no way I was going to do that again. So I went to the health food store, and I took two oral garlic tablets twice yesterday, and used vaginal Lactobacillus& acidophilus insert last night. It is called Femina Flora by New Roots but the Ultra Flora for women was also in the health food store. The man and lady there said they'll work about the same. You need 10 billion parts. I also went out and bought my old Dove unscented soap, because I had been using different soaps.
Anyway, I feel instantly better today, such a relief after three weeks of embarrassment! & no harsh antibiotics!
Thank you!

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