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I've suffered from cold sores for 36 years and have tried all home remedies as well as doctor prescribed. Though not exactly a cure, I believe I now know the cycle of a cold sore enough to share some valuable information to others still trying tooth paste, alcohol etc. Zovirax ointment helps a lot, however the cold sore will still run it's course so it's important to know how to handle it so that it's gone as soon as possible.

Here's my fast healing theory and remedy! I have noticed that immediately after a shower my CS looks better and swelling goes down. The more I shower and wash the area (without actually touching the sore or rubbing), and just let the warm water soak the area, the more it changes and runs it's virus cycle. My theory is that a warm shower increases circulation without damaging the skin around the cold sore, and when the body cools after the shower it brings the swelling away from the area of inflammation. Essentially a vascular flush happens (a method used in massage therapy when bringing down swelling in a muscle) and it's that flushing that helps the area heal faster. If a blister forms I recommend the tiniest pin prick and then dabbing (no rubbing or scraping!!) the area with a tissue to soak up the fluid. After pricking the blister, you can again wash the area with water and dab dry, but the most important part is not damaging the skin on the cold sore because any damage will make it a very long process to heal once the virus is gone (avoiding that annoying red scab phase).

In between the showers the only thing you should put on the sore is Zovirax if you have it, but avoid alcohol, tooth paste, or any harsh substance that will damage the skin. I think a lot of people think you have to 'kill' or zap a cold sore like its a living thing. The truth is that the virus comes from within and the blister is only a symptom of the virus itself so it can be stopped from the outside. It has to run it's course, but you can speed it up with lots of gentle washing, and Zovirax in between. The change is almost instant after a shower. I sweat by this. Good luck!!

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