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I tried all of them out here... salt water rinse, garlic, garlic oil rinse, mouthwash, toothpaste, crushed aspirin, etc...

What worked for me... and I mean almost instantly.... is Oil of Oregano. I have some Eden's Garden Essential Oil of Oregano and I used a q-tip to apply to my gum around the offending tooth. It burned like hell and tasted like the devil but in less then 10 minutes... relief. I slept for a solid 7 hours. It went from a 12 on a scale of 1-10 to a .5 by the next morning. I went from taking 3 Aleve and 2 extra strength Excedrine's in less than 12 hours ( and it barely touched the pain) to 4 homeopathic teething tablets that I used to give my daughter! I've continued to do a coconut oil pull once a day to keep the healing going but I am pain free!

If nothing else works.... try the oil of oregano. Try not to get it on your tongue and lips and don't swallow it!

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but where can we get that oil?


You can buy it @ health food stores. I'll usually take a few drops in some water if I feel a cold coming on. Just tryed it on my toothache about 3 mins ago and I'm feeling a lot of relief so far. Pain is not completely gone though.


Oregano oil one drop in water and swish, spit. I did a coconut oil pull before, rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and then the oregano oil. Have 2 cavities, inflamed gums and pain right now. And make some cinnamon tea.


Thank you for the tip I have really bad tooth pain, and I never thought of using oregano on it....Thank you so much, its helping me right now.


I normally take garlic pills, the gel odorless ones, and they help a lot. But I ran out and I read this comment about Essence of Oregano. I have some, thankfully and it seems to be helping. The pain was pretty bad but this stuff works great too. Thanks for posting this!


I was battling some serious pain and tried this. It started to work almost immediately. THANK YOU!

The pain is still there but it is nothing compared to what it was before.


I am using oil of Oregano and it is great stuff. I bought it at GNC. Two drops and I feel much better. Plus check out what Dr. Oz says about it.

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