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I never knew I had BV because the smell would go away on its own within a few days, but I am now thinking I have been suffering from BV for over 10 years. I am almost 27 now and I have had a few cases within those 10 years. Now that I am living with my fiance it was really really embarrassing. This was one of the reasons I wanted to try a remedy WITHOUT inserting anything into my V. I found something that worked as a daily regimen. I havent tried stopping this regimen so I cant say if the BV 'went away' or if I am just covering it up. But I am happy with the results and the supplements I take are good for overall health as well so I feel it isnt an inconvenience to take them daily.

This is all I take:
-Two 500mg garlic tablets once a day (Target brand up&up)
-One serving (2 Tablets)of Nature Made acidophilus 1Billion CFU once a day
-My usual One a Day Womens multivitamin

That is it. Im not sure what helped, the garlic or the cultures, but whatever it was worked right away. The next day the smell was GONE!

Side note: During this time I also suffered from Angular Chelitits (those little cuts on the side of your mouth) my research of that lead me to believe it was a fungal/bacteria problem. Not sure if the two are linked, but I do know I could feel my body was 'off balance.' I have also posted under Angular Chelitits what I used to remedy that.

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I am so grateful for your response. I am so embarrassed of this smell. I am living with my boyfriend and am always scared he will turn and run. I do not like to talk to anyone about it and do not want to constantly go to my doctor and get prescriptions. I am looking forward to this combination of medications to see if they work for me. Thank you again.

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