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I wanted to edit my post below but thought it might be better to add this remedy. Ive been doing more and more research on general health. Ive had 3 abcesses. I also have candida which I believe is intertwined into most of my own health issues including these infections and others I've been dealing with. Ive added a clove of raw garlic a day to my diet. Not fun to eat because it burns. Very next day Ive got die off issues and excess mucus. I lost 5lbs in about a week and a half after starting. Also this completely cleared up my recurrent bacterial infection in just a few days and I was absolutely shocked bc antibiotics only worked for a week. Try it or research it!

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Try Kyolic Garlic from the health food store for prevention and as interventive natural antibiotic! You can research it online. This stuff is great for any bacterial infection.

Kyolic garlic is a natural, super-aged garlic. Don't take straight though; it tastes AWFUL, and I love garlic. Fill one or two clear vegetable capsules (also available at health food store) two or three times per day for a week or more to clear an abscess. Once I took more than this per day to clear an earache but got super sick to my sick to my stomach and had diarrhea and threw up. So I stick to the recommended amount now. Ask at the health food store if you are unsure. It probably also helps to take it with food.

You will also need to address the pain. I do natural topical treatments plus oral meds.

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