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I had severe tooth pain due to a broken tooth and some cavities. I had a fear of the dentist so I didn't go for 10 years. So, I kept putting off making a dentist appointment and one night I woke up with severe tooth pain. I'm talking mind-numbing pain. I was looking online at home remedies to try and get some relief and I tried a few things. First, I tried chewing up a saltine cracker into a paste and putting it on my broken tooth. This helped a little but not really. Next I rinsed with warm salt water, and next took a pinch of ground cloves and put it in my my mouth on my tooth, and on the gum between the gum and my cheek. It worked great! Now, it took about 25 minutes to work, but I was able to go back to sleep and woke up with a dull pain. However, it beat the terrible pain I had before!

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Hi Angela,

Im a dentist that will assist you with the pain and treatment if you need it.
How has your mouth been lately. Give me some info and I will help you.


What a wonderful gift you have received by a very special angel...... A DR./Dentist who not only has the gift to heal, but has the heart to use his talents to do what is like winning the loto for some of us and finding services..... I salute you and GOD BLESS


....... * * CORRECTION CORRECTIONS* * ........... LAST LINE SHOULD READ.., And donating services


Ong im in so much pain but i need to know if this works cause this pain is unbearable...

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