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A Dremel Engraving tool with a 7134 Diamond Point is ideal for removing deep ingrown toenails. Don't use the rotary tool with this method. Use the Dremel Electric Engraver Tool or a similar engraving tool. The goal is to grind down the deep ingrown toenail with hardly any pain or blood. Maintain an angle of about 45 degrees as you work your way down from the tip of your toe back towards the root. The goal is to grind away the part of the nail that is deeply ingrown. Wear a dust mask. You may want ear plugs too. This is tedious. It will take more than one session. It may take hours just to do one deep ingrown toenail. Soak before using the Dremel tool. Do this over a period of days if the toenail is ingrown deeply. Get someone else to do this if possible because using a power tool on your own toenail is uncomfortable, tiring, and dangerous. Use other methods of sterilizing if necessary for fungal infection or other infection. Relief should start after you soak your feet once a section of the ingrown nail is removed. You may also use the side of the Dremel bit to shave down the nail if it is hard and uneven, but a buffing tool would be better for that. Do NOT poke into your skin or you may get a drop of blood. This is mostly painless, but it is a shock to have a lot of work done on your feet, so having someone else do it is better so you can just endure it. A week after removing the ingrown part of the nail you should see the deep gorge push up. Use the bit to shave back infected skin, but only the old, hard skin and nail fragments that may not have been removed earlier. A steady motion is safer than a fast motion. Try to be precise. Have good lighting and a fan to blow away the nail dust or wear a face mask. A podiatrist may suggest medications if you accidentally damage your nail or foot. Above all have extreme patience. Once you get the ingrown toenail out you will feel great relief. In most cases it is only the big toes that get severe ingrown conditions, but other toes may also become ingrown if they are infected or naturally tend to become ingrown. Use this method to grind out ingrown toenails and use other methods to keep this condition from returning.

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After six (6) months of grinding the ingrown toenails away I am finally getting great relief. I had to spend 5-15 hours/week grinding away because the Dremel engraver tool is such a slow method, but if you look at what surgery does to a toe, this is the painless method, comparatively. Towards the end I had to drill out the ingrown toenail that was embedded in my skin. My problem was that my nails are brittle and break and then another ingrown toenail would form. I thought this was natural to have so much pain in my toes. I had never done much to take care of my toes and now I think that I paid the price. Don't wait until you are old to do this. I had ingrown toenails that were overgrown with skin and then nail bed. These nails broke when I was young, because when I shaved down the nail bed I found embedded nails closer to the center of the toe. As I used the engraver as a grinder, I could feel the pain getting relieved little by little. As I investigated I found nail fragments that when touched were painful until they were ground down and then the pain was gone. Don't try to push the engraver head too hard, just let it grind away slowly. A pile of while dust will form under the working area, so use a blanket or fan, etc. You may not be able to do this kind of mechanical ingrown toenail removal yourself unless you are flexible and can practically get your foot into your mouth, since you need to see what you are doing. Sometimes involuntary jerks of the foot caused me to poke myself, but I clot after a drop of blood, but I had to clean the bit immediately or the dried blood would make the bit useless because of lack of friction of the diamond bit. My podiatrist monitored my self-treatment and warned me not to hit the bone. I was prescribed Ciclopirox Topical Solution 8 % (Nail Lacquer) because the outer nail was so hard I couldn't grind it down until it was treated. The only treatment my health plan offered was a total kill of the nail, but even that wouldn't have worked in my case because I needed to remove 50 years of broken ingrown toenails and fragments. It seemed like there were a dozen broken ingrown toenails on each side of each big toe. The toes next to the big toes were infected with fungus too and the nails had become ingrown. I found that just grinding down the nail and the skin would eventually get me to the nail bed which could also be ground down. I found that doing an hour or so a day was all I could take because it was sort of a shock to my system to be doing ingrown toenail surgery. I found that ibuprofen was a help and a shower after relieved the stress from the treatment. Now that my skin is pushing up and is healthy I am starting to feel better in my toes. I'd advise anyone who has very severe ingrown toenails to try this method if you have 6-8 months and hate the idea of getting surgery. This method is bloodless if you are careful, but the cord of the engraver sometimes pulled and so I inadvertently poked myself on occasion, so it does take care and some strength to hold the engraver for so long. I am feeling a tingling now as I shaved some of the bowed portion of the nail bed and some ingrown toenail that is still buried near the root is trying to push up. Once I find a ingrown nail, I grind it down and grind down the area around it. I follow the path of the nail and often uncover more nail buried below once the callus is removed. Be sure to remove the bulk callus on the sides of the nail because once that is removed it can allow the skin below to rise. I had to aim sideways to grind out nail that must have been buried decades ago, but it felt great to get rid of it. I'll report again, but I'd like to know who would choose bloody surgery over a relatively painless method? My podiatrist measured the cavity I had ground away at the ingrown toenail to be about 1/2 inch deep, but my toe was only 1 inch tall, so ouch. I got two of the 7134 Dremel diamond point bits. I got the corded Dremel, which works good, but is difficult to handle. A battery model would be better, but would probably wear out since this is intensive work. Be careful how you grind because putting too much pressure on the bit can eventually cause it to go out of whack. Mine is now doing a little dance since it wobbles so much, but I only have to hold it in the area and it grinds away. Oh- You might want ear plugs and wear eye protection in case the bit flies out and the dust is a bother, so vent it or...




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Wow is right. I don't think this person knows what an ingrown toenail really is. He's describing something else, like filing down curved nails or something.

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