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After two nights and three full days of incredible pain from a broken tooth with an exposed nerve, I came upon this website. I had eaten enough ibuprofen that I thought the only answer was getting it pulled, but I have no money. Even nyquil didnt work. THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE!!! I took a huge garlic clove smashed it with a knife, ripped it in half then rubbed it all over the hole and left it in between my gum and tooth. In a matter of one minute, the pain was gone, like gone gone. I left the garlic in as long as I could take the sting, not from my tooth but the flesh on my cheek. Come to find out, garlic has alot of antibacterial cleaning powers and usually that is what causes the toothaches. Just to let you know, I was afraid to let anything near that hole, wish i had done it on the first damn night.

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Karen M

Was at about a 8-9 pain level with a molar toothache. When I heard your garlic remedy. I was on it as fast as I could... stating pain relief in minutes. IT WORKED! Then no kidding within minutes the inside of your cheek is burning from the garlic... and I went just as fast to get a roll of gauze to insulate my tooth and check, and let the garlic keep working. Within five minutes, everything in place and my pain level is a 3-4. WHAT A RELIEF!!

success jat

It really work for me, thanks.


it did work i have medicade but dental aint covered but this works ty


I tried cutting the garlic clove in half and gently biting down on it to get the juices flowing throughout the right side of my mouth because i couldn't pin point exactly which tooth had the exposed nerve. within 3 minutes.... no more pain! :) I am so grateful for this remedy. Ive been up all night in pain. Going back to sleep finally! Zzzzzzzzzz


Thanks had filling come out 6 weeks ago and now 5 more weeks to wait for root canal, so I pushed some garlic in the hole and have left it there for hour now with no pain, amazing I've been in agony last couple of days.


Just wanted to add my .02. I don't know how long this will last, but I just tried it and it took my pain from an 8-9 to a 2-3. Huge difference! I'm going to try to buy some of the temporary fill stuff in the morning, but considering I'd have to drive far for 24/hr pharmacy, I'm really relieved to have found this. Hope it lasts!


put some in warm water gargle it 2

Alias McTooth

Thanks. That really works. Much better than the POS tube of 'oral pain relieving gel' (benzocaine) I tried. All that did was cause numbness, warmth, and the isolation of the tooth pain from the rest of my normal mouth sensations. Was really counterproductive. Garlic on the other hand was far better in every respect. Even taste-wise, and I don't really like plain garlic.


IT WORKS OMG THANKYOU. I had the garlic on the infect spot on the gum and then swished saliva around with garlic juices on the rotting spot as well.

Full of pain

You are an ANGEL thank you so much... I have been up crying all night in pain. I have two broken teeth one barley has any tooth left, it is just nerve and the second (On the same side and bottom) Has a huge hole right in the middle and I have to say I feel alot better I thought I was gonna lose it, honestly. Now maybe I can get the first decent sleep i've had in weeks. Thanks again!

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