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Castor oil-compressed and tea tree oil. I was diagnosed with a sebaceous cyst that started off at the size of a pea. Within a year, it grew to the size of a quarter and was quite large to me. It bothered me because it was located on my jaw line. It also started to hurt a bit and I was beginning to worry. I did some major research online and came across a testimony where someone used Castor oil to remove it. I decided to try it. I purchased the Castor oil at Whole Foods and also bought a small bottle of tea oil. I applied the oil and tea tea tree oil on a cloth and used a bandaid to keep it attached overnight. Within two weeks I started to notice a difference in the size. The soreness also went completely away. I continue to use it and it has been six weeks. The cyst is completely gone....gone....I definitely suggest using this as an option to having it removed. Be patient and consistent. I was told that there was nothing I could do about it, but have it removed and that it would never go away otherwise. Uuuum, it is gone!! lol

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William G.Demitroulas

I tried all of the internet remedies and the end result was a disaster. I ended up an abscess infection that a surgeon had to deal with. After a two month healing period, I went to a plastic surgeon to have the cyst removed. Trust me, you don't want to go through all this. Go see a plastic surgeon and get the cyst removed right out of the chute. It's a simple, quick and painless proceedure. I tried the alternatives over a period of three years to no avail. Forget the voodoo remedies.


I just injected tee tree oil into a scalp cyst the size of a grape. I'm in so much pain. Good Lord. That's it I'm gonna have these things removed pronto.....too much pain

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