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I've tried MANY things..
Some background story: I got it because I believe I have let the guy I was dating with bad hygiene or when we used lube and didn't properly washed out after a day.
When this occurred, I began producing more discharge than I normally did with a weird smell..
1)Vinegar and water douching bottles from Walmart
2)Vaginally inserting Spring Valley acidophilus Probiotic from Walmart Didn't work.
3)I finally told my mom and we made a appt for a gyn. He prescribed me flagyl a week's prescription worth.. Which did indeed work, but while I was on it, I produced a cottage cheese discharge.. (Might've been a yeast infection) But before I treated that, I got the same bv infection and this time I know it was from letting the guy I was messing around with finger me.. I realized his lack of washing his hands... (Gross, I know..)
4)Tea tree tampons.
5)Inserting non-flavored greek yogurt with active cultures with tampons, nope..
Desperate, 6)I bought Pro B Rephresh pills(Walmart), it's expensive.. $32.. It did NOT help me.. I believe it's to MAINTAIN healthy vagina flora, NOT cure BV. It may help, but personally I wouldn't recommend for the price unless you really want to try for yourself when you've tried cheaper options like I have.
7)I've tried Azo's cranberry pills(Walmart)from my sister. It was expired. It worked. I used the pills every day for a week and half, but it came back. I bought the newest version of it and it didn't work like the expired ones...
8)I bought VH essentials Probiotic PLUS & Cranberry for feminine health(you guessed it, Walmart..), since it was $8 to use in combination with RepHresh Pro-B, but that didn't work either..

FINALLY, I've read about boric acid.. I've read it many times before, but I read many reviews and decided, hey why not... It's $15 all together from Amazon. BORIC ACID CURED MY BV. Well, maybe it's too early to say(for some), but it's been nearly a week, NO SMELL! Normal discharge!

I bought a 6oz HUMCO boric acid powder and Solaray GEL 00, 100 capsules to pack the powder inside of the pill.
I recommend being very careful with this powder as it IS POISONOUS, taken orally, it will harm you! Make the pills in bulk, so you wouldn't have to make a pill everyday, store it where no one will find it!
What I did: I poured some boric acid powder onto a paper towel. I opened the caps with both hands, and scooped the powder into the caps together until I packed enough powder to close.. The longer side should carry most of the powder and the smaller side would help close.
I inserted 2 at night and wore a pad. I woke up discharging a lot. The discharge continued for that whole day. It was watery.. I believe the boric acid was acidifying the inside of my walls.. I thought of it as flushing out the bad bacteria. Amazing, I thought.. This worked SO well. If I was flushing out the bad bacteria, I've read before it's best to also INSERT GOOD bacteria, so in conjuction of boric acid pills vaginally, orally I took the VH essentials Probiotic Plus& Cranberry with RepHresh Pro-B. (Both from Walmart) The next night, I only inserted one and took the same pills. 3 days on this regime, it hasn't come back for almost a week. 1 more day until a week.. Now, it may not be long enough for me to say I'm BV free, but I believe I am. I do recommend taking it for a week, but I believe I knocked it out of my system, so do as you wish!! I will keep this updated in the comments if I can.

I'm a person who no longer has health insurance. I was 20 when I got the infection from a new partner. Later on in our relationship, I believed I got it from either him or lube I didn't properly clean myself that night.. I went to a gyn and got Flagyl.. It worked, but I got BV again from the same guy fingering me and I believed his hands were dirty!! and 6 months later, still had it, being 21.. I still had sex for awhile.. when things got too intense, I hoped they didn't smell it.. I even declined having sex being too scared..It ruined my sex life at this point.
Boric acid worked! I tried 8 different methods I've read myself!! BORIC acid as my 9th method has been proven to me that it works! I wrote where to buy it, how to used and how long I used it above. ^^^
To keep yourself from having BV:
* Always wash your hands!
* Wash your toys
* Make sure you clean yourself after sex and masturbation.
* Make sure your partner's hands are clean
*or any object going into your vagina.. really..
* Always use a condom (unless pregnancy of course, if so use, probiotic pills and do research..

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I also recommend using Yeast Arrest suppositories right after sex, every time! They work great!

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