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I got rid of plantars warts from at home, and this is how it worked for me.

I had plantars warts when I was in high school. I cannot remember how the doctor removed them eventually, but I remember using match-sticks that made my foot turn black and dry. But I do remember that was not the entirety of curing it.

So after coming back from Hawaii, I found a small plantars wart on my foot a few months later. I have since removed it, it came back a few weeks later, and I just removed it again.

How I Got Rid of It:
So after first recognizing it, I tried freezing it with Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away. I followed directions, and nothing happened at all.
Then I went to my local doctor, and she put the liquid nitrogen filled Q-tips on my plantars wart. It had a small bump on the top of it, and I felt fine after, for about a week. A week later it started hurting again.
So I decided to freeze it off myself. I exceeded the Freeze Away directions terribly, held it on for 90 seconds each time, 3 times in a row! It hurt a lot for a few days afterwards.
I also started the acid pads and the acid liquid immediately.
While I had the acid pads and liquid on there, I would sandpaper the dead tissue off as best as I could. I also hurt to sandpaper the alive surrounding tissue.
Then one day when I was pealing off the acid pad, a huge chunk of white flesh came off with it, and it looked just like an upside down wart. The place where it was on my foot had a dimple, and was tender flesh.
I went to see the expert doctor 2 days later (I already had the appointment planned), and he said it was gone.

New Wart:
So after 2 or so weeks of healing, I suddenly found a small bump where the wart was previously. I didn't chance it at all, and immediately froze it again, exactly the same; 90 seconds each, 3 times in a row, and now also 3 days in a row!
I applied the acid pads and liquid again, and after a week or so, I just ripped off a hunk of flesh that looked like the wart again, and again left a dimple underneath where it had been.

I don't know how I got it again, but if it happens a third time, I will go back to the expert and find out what to do to finally kill the virus.
As far as just getting rid of the wart itself, I recommend a (painful) solution of LOTS of freezing, acid liquid, and acid pads. The liquid is the best, but the pads stay on all day long. I typically use a band-aid instead of the large disks they provide, and they stay on my foot just as long.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps someone out there!

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Get rid of all your shoes that you previously wore when you had the wart.

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