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Hello Ladies!!! I have been suffering from BV since about 2006... I have tried countless numbers of antibiotics from the doctors; and just when I thought I got rid of the BV it would come right back. I started last year searching for natural cures. I've tried douching with Apple Cider Vinger ( 1/2 acv & 1/2 water) and peroxide (1/2 peroxide & 1/2) and it worked for the most part. I noticed that douching everyday made it a little worse so I reduced douching with both solutions to once a week. I went to the dollar store and bought two small spray bottles. Instead of douching with the solutions; I mixed one bottle of peroxide & water and one bottle of acv & water; while sitting on the toilet or laying down I spray the peroxide first, on and in my vagina pat dry with tissue and repeat with the acv and water. Next I would insert a tampon with plan greek yogurt for about 10mins then remove. This pretty much reduced the smell... I also took 2 VitaminD, 2 Folic Acid, B12, Garlic odorless soft gells, VitaminC and soaked the girlfriend every other day in a bath with acv added... I've only been doing this for a week and it seems to help.. Hopefully it will be gone forever

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desperate in Florida

Hello. ive been sufferin w both fer almost 2 yrs day in and day out. went on strict no sugar diet, tried the peroxide douch and all kinds of home remendies. This stuff has ruined my life but thank goodness i have a very loving fiance. gonna try what you've syggested. heck i got nuttin ta loose! I can not take anitbotic because it makes da infections worse. will cross my fingers fer something ta work soon. I want my sex life back!!!

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