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It looks like different remedies worked for different people. I guess because we dont not know exactly how it is caused you just have to try them all out until you find one that works. I will tell you what did NOT work for me:
Cortisone cream with aloe
Dish soap
Extra Vitamins

What DID work:
Setting a small amount of head and shoulders shampoo on the cuts for less than a minute 3x a day. In the morning, after lunch, and after dinner. I DRY rinsed (pretty much just wiping it off with a paper towel) then applied the cortisone cream. I know, I said that this cream did not work for me. I used it alone without the shampoo for 2 days and did not see any results. Using it after the shampoo cleaning helped soothe the burning I felt from the cleaning. I do not feel the cream healed the cuts, just took the pain away. For good measure I also put organic coconut oil all over my lips. Since it is a oil it is technically still 'dry' and coconut has antifungal properties.

Out of all 3 things that I used in my routine I honestly feel the shampoo is what did the trick. After one night of this routine I saw immediate results. Good luck to all!

PS....I suffered from this for a little over a week. Be careful. Even if you feel healed, do not over open your mouth until all signs of it are gone. I made the mistake of reopening the cut because the sore turned into a flaky scab and I thought it was ok to eat a big mouth full of sushi.....not the best idea lol.

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