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For face skin discoloration

1 teaspoon sourcream
4 drops of juice from a lemon

Mix with fork on sm. plate
rotate all over face in soft circular motions for approx. 10 min.

Do in the am and pm before bedtime.
You will start seeing results in a week.
And your skin will glow!

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buttercup bubble

does it work better for color people rather than white because dairy product will lighten skin color.


Thank you Kathy. I'm going to start trying that.


to buttercup: I had never heard that dairy products lighten skin. I know that lemon lightens hair.


Will yougurt do instead of sourcream ??


do you need to rinse it off with water afterwards


Kathy I am already seeing results from the sour cream and lemon and thank you so much! How did you ever find out about this home remedy treatment?


Kathy in order to get complete results about how long will the sour cream treatment take to remove discolorations? What is the normal time period three months or more?


what is sour cream can u tell me


Sour Cream is basically used for dips and sauces. You can purchase sour cream at your local supermarket for approximately $3.00 or more. Ask for Breakstone sour cream, it is the best.


I have tried it a few times and already have started to see results!! I also follow with almond oil and its working

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