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Ok so this is 1st time I have had a toothache..this tooth has been messing w/me about a year ago...but have been ignoring it..but finally it is talking about getting up every 5 minutes and no sleep this is not fun at I found out that hot water and salt work good for just a lil while..but wht works.even better is dentek first aid kit.but just put eugenol on tooth not gums because it stings i learned the hard just get a q-tip and dip it and put it right on tooth and stay their for a minute...and bam their u go..i also like to gargle w/ hot water and salt first then dentek and also put orajel severe pain pm around gums.but first was teeth to tk all that fd and stuff out...then start w all the other stuff..u sleep lk a baby....good luck:-) this is just temp till i hav money to see doc...night night

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