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Hi all, I suffered with the YI from hell for about a year, tried the prescription route without success then tried home remedies with a little more success but it would return within a week. THEN, a chance off the cuff remark a doctor made, caused me to do a little research. She had noted that my blood sugar was high and wondered if I was diabetic - I am not, I am hypertensive. I mentioned I was taking Lasix and she noted that hyperglycemia was a side effect of this diuretic. I did a little backtracking and noted that my symptoms began about 5 months after starting the Lasix. I stopped cold turkey, the YI eased almost immediately (I was also using the peroxide douche and taking lots of yoghurt) It's been almost a year now & I have not been troubled by it since.

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'Garlic save my life'

First let me say i hadnt had a YI in about 15 yrs Ok so I hate Irish spring soap, went in the tub to take a shower and notice immediately that as I was washing off as soon as the soapy water ran down and touch my Vjj it started to itch. This happen for the next couple of nights plus it started (my Vjj) itching thru out the day to. So by chance i asked my hubby ' hey, what kind of soap did u put in the bath'? He said 'oh Irish spring'. WHat I knew it , thats why I'm so irritated down there' but by now it was to late.
so I stopped using the soap and started apply fungal cream plus the suppositories, but by the time I got to the third and ' FINAL' suppository I was still on fire. Last nite I just could not take it anymore so I began looking online for home remedies. Came across the garlic one but the problem is I didn't have any garlic cloves, but I did have minced garlic in a bottle ' that should work'. WRONG i placed some in a piece of gauze and tried to wash off what ever liquid it was soaking in the bottle. Then I bunched up some between my finger and began to place in my Vjj. Almost immediately it began to itch more than before I told myself ' just bare it, it will stop. LIES it just kept getting worst.
By this time I'm back online trying to find something else cause this IS NOT it. I Saw one about salt, water, and peroxide douch
so i got all the ingredients together and mixed it up. Sat on the toilet and tried to get every little piece of that mince garlic OUT of me, I peed with force and used wet paper towel to pull what I couldn't see.
Now it's 5:45am and I'm dieing here. I then got a syringe out and poured my mixer in and began to flush in side of me. It burned like Hell and piece of minced garlic was still coming out 'thank god'. I finish up dryed off but it was sore like crazy down there I applied some cream but could not wear a panty it was to pain full so i placed a towel in my bed and for the first time IN MY LIFE at now 6:10 am tried to go to sleep (without undies on :(

I got up around 11:00am called my mom and asked PLEASE TELL ME U HAVE GARLIC cloves by the grace of GOD she said 'YES'. I decided to try it again with the cloves ' like I was suppose to' shelled the garlic cut into it a little put the need thru the middle so I could have the thread hanging out like they said I decided to pour peroxide on it to clean the thread and garlic then placed it as far up in me as I could' praying it would work 'it had to' in less then a minute the itching and burning began to die down until it just stopped 'YES' : ) :)
moral of this long as story garlic works BUT never use the minced u have in ur fridge in the bottle use the CLOVE. I will do it nite and day for about 3 more days to make sure the yeast is completely gone and my Vjj flora is back to normal. Thank goodness for the Internet and sites like these I did not want to spend anymore $ on creams And would not have made it another day with that YI

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