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Abbreva: Effective HSV2 treatment for me!

Tried Abbreva for a genital HSV2 sore this week for the first time. My sores appear upper inside thigh, not on my labia. I don't get precursor symptoms other than a flu-like feeling. My sores always develop under the skin, then blister up and pop overnight, leading to excruciating pain as the sore weeps and doesn't heal for weeks exactly where my legs touch.

When I noticed the sore under the skin this past Monday, I grabbed Abbreva. I've been applying twice a day. It's now Friday, the under-skin sore is visbly reduced in size and depth, and I've already passed the point at which it would normally have blistered up and pop overnight.

I already knew that just because a medication is not advertised or indicated for a specific use only means that it didn't go through Phase 3 clinical trials and then obtain FDA approval for that use. That's why it's called 'off-label' use, and physicians prescribe things 'off-label' for lots of reasons.

I am not a doctor, and your mileage may vary. Using Abbreva externally and not on a mucous membrane is the most effective thing I've tried yet. Much pain averted!

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did it take the Gh away??

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