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Hi I am 21 i was diagnosed in May 2010. I was a 17 yr old senior in h.s. I often look back at the day i caught HP along wit chlamydia...i cried i still do IM still not over it...i have no insurance and no one to talk to about because i haven't told anyone. I havent had much sex since it happened . I feel alone wit this i often feel like my life already ended so y dnt i end it but i never get passed the crying.
i told my mom not to expect marriage or grandkids from her only child i just don't know how to deal wit this...IM going thru a outbreak now in addition to my menstrual...its not painful right now but it usually is...although I've had this virus for nearly 4 yrs i didn't pay much attention so i dont know how often or how long my OB are. Ive been dating this Guy since last July nd we planned to have our first time the 25th eventhough i plan on using a condom i want to know ways to get rid of this outbreak...i am shaven nd as soon as i look at my V I see the 4 big bumps that reminds me of how my life ended foolishly nearly 4 myrs ago...ever since i went to the free clinic nd got my one time RX of acyclovir i haven't spoken to or tried to treat it... can someone please comment with inexpensive home remedies

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Miss Rosie

Your life is not over. This from a 53 year old lady who's had herpes for many, many years. Yes, you can have children. I, like you, tended to break out just before my period. I discovered over the years that if I stay AWAY from chocolate and peanuts (any nuts, for that matter) for the week before and after my period, I usually won't have an episode. Nuts have an amino-acid in them that allows the virus to flourish. Also, there are medications (pills) doctor can prescribe as well that will prevent a breakout. If you don't want to go to the family Dr., go to your local woman's clinic. They can definitely help you there for little to no cost.

Please realize that when you have the 'flu-like' symptoms, you are contagious. It's going to be tough now, but when you find the right guy, he's going to understand. It's the same virus that causes cold sores. My doctor estimated that likely 50% of the population has this virus, so you are not alone.

And shame on the person who gave it to you!!! It's so easy for men to prevent transferring. Good luck to you. All my hugs and love. You will get through this and be stronger and more understanding for it.


Witchazel soothes soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream camphor/menthol soothes and heals blisters followed by an aclovir cream to minimise duration of the attacks this method is cheap soothing and highly effective


There is a cure for herpes. Most doctors would
tell there patients that there isn't a cure. It's not true. There is a program called 'Ultimate Herpes Protocol '. Not only does it treat the outbreaks, it actually kills the virus. The medication that most doctors would prescribe is harmful. But this program shows you how to cure it naturally. You don't have to worry if it's harmful. It's only $37.00. It will show you step by step how to do it. I hope this helps.


I cried for a whole week when I was diagnosed. My first year I had an outbreak at least once or twice a month, now it is once every few months but this is only my 2nd year. What I do is wash the area with the hottest water that I can tolerate, then dry it completely. After its dry I apply cornstarch and let the area breathe for a while. Usually I'll do that 2 times within a day and they're gone by morning. I still think of the guy who gave them to me and get upset. It will be OK!! Also if you go to your local clinic they usually have programs for woman who can't afford their medication and make it free or cheap. I was prescribed Zovarax and even though you're supposed to take it while having an outbreak, I just use the 20 pill refill and take one or 2 pills a week and I can go a long time without an outbreak doing that, also it saves trips to the pharmacy. Life will go on! Keep your chin up!!




My dear your life is not over. I have had gh for 14years now, caught it when I was about 14. In the beginning it did bother me but as time goes by and better understanding I choose not to let it defeat me and continue to live my life. I still had sex, I have told guys am serious with before I get into bed with them, thankfully no one have caught anything and yes we used condom except for one guy and we dated for 3 tears and up to this day he is disease free. Just avoid stress, and as someone mentioned before find what works best for you, cause not everything that works for me will for you. I take acyclovir, drink garlic tea at least once a week as garlic is good for a lot of things and that works. Live your life and note you don't have to tell every guy you meet unless getting into a really serious relationship, give him all the facts about the gh and if he can't look past that and have a wonderful life with you then he's not the one for you. Right now I am happily engaged, my fiancé knows and he doesn't look At me any differently, anyways stop thinking about ending your life because that won't solve anything but bring heartache to your family.


Definitely neosporin works wonderssss for outbreaks. At least for me it did.n cotton underwear, u want it to breath, not retain moisture.


Your life is not over. I've had it for over 30 years. I have three wonderful children and a wonderful man in my life. I continue to have outbreaks but life is manageable with them. Don't lose hope. Just pay attention to your body and read up on the remedies and find out what works best for you.


Im 17 and I just got diagnosed with genital herpes AND chlamydia last month like you did and it's also my senior year. im in a relationship with my boyfriend we've been dating for over 4 months so far and a week after I got tested in the hospital, he got tested and was positive for chlamydia and possible herpes also....I had only one out break since my first serious one and I have a small cut on the bottom of my vag like I did with my first OB. im currently taking valtrex and it kinda works but I still itch around down there from time to time but I put Shea butter and my eczema cream down there and it kinda helps but if you don't worry about the itching it won't itch. I work out and drink TONS AND TONS of water and I've lost 7 pounds in a week, I often get depressed due to my depo shot which is a side effect but other than that I try to live life as stress free as possible. There's a god and a cure for all of us so just pray and i hope this worked !

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