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I was diagnosed the beginning of this year, and after one round of meds I was talking to a friend of mine ( I had no idea she had it either!) and she said Bee Propolis works super well for GH. Instead of going back to the ER for another round of man-made meds, I took it home. It's honey paste, I like to call it bee spackle because that's what bees use it for in their hives. Anyhow, I used about a jar and a half, applying the thick, resin-like honey paste to my genitals (all over the moist parts, front-to-back) and consumed a large glob almost daily for about 3-4 weeks and it helped so much! I highly recommend it :)

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I have been reading about this or just using raw honey as an ointment! I'm very interested to see it it works. I have had GH since I was 14 and now I am 42. I have tried a few things but nothing really works so I just live with it!


Hi, What is the brand and type of the bee propolis you use? I am having a hard time finding anything but pills and liquid extract. Do you find that it helps to prevent the OB if you put it on when you first feel it coming.

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