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1st timer

you can try all the home remedies like I did for my first boil. Prid, toothpaste, but 2 days later it was the size of a potato and numbing pain down my leg. went to emergency room, cut it open, admitted to hospital for 3 days, a gallon of antibiotics, and an open wound that needs packed and dressed and needs to heal from the inside out. Doctor said the infection could have gotten to my groin and I could have lost my testicles or had to have then inserted in my legs, until they graphed together a new sack which happens to some guys. Go to a doctor have him look at it and tell you how to treat it

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Yours may have involved MRSA which is more extreme staph like infection. Every time ive gone to ER for drainage, mine test negative. Glad docs caught that for you.

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