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Thyme oil worked for us. My son had a plantar wart for over 6 months. We tried freezing. We tried the normal wart medicine. We even tried scraping it with a scalpel then applying wart medicine.

Finally after reading this website, we scraped the wart with a scalpel, applied thyme oil, covered it with bandage tape, and by the second night 90% of the wart came off! We applied it one more time and the rest of the wart came off.

Thanks to everyone who suggested thyme oil

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Which Thyme oil are you using ? Red or white ?


where did you buy the thyme oil?


Would you be able to give details on how you did this? Thank you!


White rhyme oil is what I used and it worked after 3 apps! Haven't had any problems since


I used a combination of thyme oil and tea tree oil. I had had the plantar warts for years and had tried everything, all it did was make them spread. I was even started to get them on my leg. I tried the tea tree oil on my son, it is way less irritating than the thyme oil, who had one on his finger, it was gone after 2 applications. I then put it on mine. the ones on my leg were gone in about a week. The plantar warts took a little longer, the new ones went quickly the older ones took months. I am happy to say that they are finally gone, no pain, I just applies the oil with a q tip every morning and let dry.

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