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Use a gentle scrub to prepare your skin and place a strip of heavy duty (like trimmed packing tape) over your nose and sides of nostrils and give it a few minutes. It's going to smart a bit when it comes to removal but it should remove a fair amount of gunk. Use wherever you need it most but my nose is a blackhead magnet.

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This could be harmful to dry skin and may trigger even more acne, i wouldn't recommend it.


dermatologists often use tape to do 'skin studies' and see just what is in your pores. that's what those expensive pore strips are based on. if you have very sensitive skin, don't do it, but otherwise go for it.


This was horrible and ruined the skin on my nose. I feel horrible for ever doing this. Don't try this unless you like looking ridiculous.

Patricia (patty for short)

HOOOOOOOOOLY Crap! it burned and my nose bled for like ten minutes. ouch. and then i had a masive scab on the top of my nose for like, a month. don't do it unless you have like, a death wish...or your nose has a death wish. Seriously bad idea, trust me.


Despite all the warnings, I tried this anyway (that's just the kind of person I am:) I left some scotch packaging tape on my chin for about a minute, then peeled it off. The only thing that happened was that I got some glue on my face and some dead skin and oil on the tape. I wonder what kind of tape everyone else used! That must be some industrial strength stuff, to peel off skin! Glad I was saved that fate :) In short: not worth it.


didnt hurt me like u all said u must have used some duck tape or something but didnt help


Okay, so i didnt read any comments before i tired this. Didnt think I needed to. Either way. My best friend and i tried this together, she has larger pores than me, she gets more black heads than me, but she also has better luck with these home remedies than I do. We used duct tape and it worked for her, it didnt work for me, it removed dead skin and excess oil but had no affect on my black heads. It had no negative side affects it just didnt do what i wanted it too. So if you need to remove dead skin or have larger pores this could benifit you greatly. I recomend it for that, but dont get your hopes up if you have even remotly small pores.


Using duct tape is bad for ur nose, but i used regular scotch tape and it removed the oils and gunk. after using some lotion on my nose, it was just fine.


hmm i have tried tape but all it did was take off some skin cells, nothing more. i have heard that elmer's glue works, crazy as it sounds...just smear on a fair layer, let it dry completely and peel it off, and it works almost as well as those expensive pore strips.

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