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I had been having severely chapped,cracked and nearly bleeding lips for the past two months, which I only get during the winter. It was so bad that I have spent all day, every day the past two months peeling away at my lips, which is quite embarassing while at work. I tried all types of chapstick, Vaseline (100% pure petroleum jelly), even put facial lotion and body lotion on my lips--none worked. I resorted to using lip gloss to hide how chapped my lips were, but the dryness had gotten to both edges of my lips and putting gloss there just looked silly. Think glossy-Joker smile.

I followed another person's advice and used Aquaphor Healing Ointment and it worked immediately--what sorcery is this???! My lips feel so much better and are starting to visibly heal after just one night...I feel like after a week my lips will be fully restored using this. It lasts a long time and totally moisturizes..and while the substance feels thick, doesnt make your lips look overly glossy. I'm now a forever fan of this product!

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Yes Aquaphor is fantastic. I have it on my lips now, trying to heal them! Everything else has burned like crap, but Aquaphor soothes WITHOUT THE BURN! I looked on the ingredients so that I can try to replicate the's expensive to me but was so worth it!


Hi guys where did you purchase this from?

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