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Usually I notice a coldsore coming in first thing in the morning when I wake up. I don't have time to fuss over it so I first cover it in toothpaste-this helps to dry to it out and slow down its development. I leave the toothpaste on for about 30 mins (while I get dressed, have breakfast etc.) then wipe it off just before I leave the house. By the time you wipe it off the toothpaste should have become dry. Once I leave the house I'll spend my 30-ish minute drive to work melting an entire ice cube on the cold sore. Cold sores thrive in warm moist environments, so drying it out and making it very cold are sure to slow it down if not stop it. If I catch a cold sore at first tingle and do this straight away it usually doesn't form at all.
If my coldsore gets past the first tingle stage, my favourite tried and true method is to use a q-tip to apply metholated spirits to the coldsore, as often and for as long as possible. I know you're not supposed to put it on your skin or especially around your mouth but it dries it up SO FAST! I once had a fully formed coldsore, blistering and oozing and horribe, applied metholated spirits constantly for an hour and it was GONE! It dries it out, kills all the germs, and heals it all at once. If I don't have metho I will use peroxide but it's not nearly as quick- it does help to dry it out but that's about all.

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This was good info...thanks....the toothpaste treatment is a good idea I might best form of treatment I found was to apply..'eucalyptus oil' on a cotton swab onto the coldsore site at least twice a day or is an anti fungal and antiseptic plus it also dries it out...

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