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Please go to your local area medical Sleep Disorders Center to determine whether or not you have the potentially fatal Sleep Apnea, which, if you do (and I do), he/she will more than likely prescribe a certain type of breathing apparatus machine with a humidifier and a comfortable sleep mask (not too pretty but who cares? you'll be amazed at your sleep quality and no more snoring!)

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I too suffer from sleep apnea. I went to a sleep disorder clinic for testing and was prescribed a cpap mask which has changed my world! No, its not sexy but either is snoring or having seizures bc you are asphyxiating yourself in your sleep. I tried all of the remedies posted and wish I had sought professional help sooner. I'm all for home treatments but sleep apnea is a people-killer. Only a month after I was prescribed the machine a co-worker's mother passed away from sleep apnea... When you snore, your airway is being cut off and oxygen isn't getting to your brain. I had several seizures before I finally got help. They are horrible and scary. You will be a happier person when you give your brain oxygen. :) LOL

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