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Hi everyone, well this is my remedy. I found these ghastly afflictions about 6 weeks ago. Outside the anus & inside there were quite a few. I'm a straight male, & I model physique in body building so as you can imagine, this was an horrific find & pickled my head. Then I decided to get pro-active, I read your remedies and mixed and matched. I am nearly free of these after 2 weeks into finding them, even the ones inside. Let me tell you right now, you will not win this war that rages inside you if your diet is poor, you have poor sleeping patern. Start eating clean, I'm talking 600-800grams of rich green veggies a day, coupled with lean meats and fish, drink green tea & between 4 litres of water. Keep yourself incredibly clean down there, I read that what that bi chap had written, he is right, get yourself some witchhazel and wipe after every bowl movement. I injected ACV into my ass twice, it stings like a bastard but you know it's working !! I then soaked toilet paper in ACV, and put it around and a little inside my ass. Mine never turned purple/black or whatever they just disappeared, but I was fighting this from within. Another person on here wrote about drinking 4 table spoons of ACV a day, I did this, and mentioned garlic, vitamin D and heavy dose of vitamin C. DO IT !!! you will see a difference immediately because you will be giving your body the tools to fights this retched beast. Keep down there clean always, I also used the bio oil too. Stop having unprotected sex or any bum fun if you're gay, this includes anything being put into your ass until they're gone !! I'm pretty sure u caught this from rimming. Be warned. Good luck guys, remember this is a fight won within as much as it is without. Peace.

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where i can buy acv???


Your local supermarket will sell it, in the dressings isle where the normal vinegars are.


Hey there, thanks for the post. This may be a dumb question but when you say inject the acv, do you mean into your anus (sort of like a douche would work?) or do you literally mean inject acv into the skin around the warts with a needle?

And how long do you let the toilet paper and/or cotton ball soaked in acv sit on the warts? I have some just inside the canal where the skin is a little more sensitive than completely on the outside and I want to make sure I don't damage any sensitive skin.

Thank you in advance and thanks again for the original post! Really trying to get rid of these things. I have been eating very well and takin the vitamins and drinking the acv for about a week now. I have been avoiding direct contact, but am thinking I should try it as I bet that's what really puts the nail in the coffin so to speak haha


Hi, they're horrible aren't they! Believe me I'm still battling away, I have got rid of a few but there are some stubborn ones inside the rectum ! I soak a cotton ball in ACV and push into the affected area. Now, it will sting but leave it there, I'd start with 15-20 mins first then up it as you get used to it. As for injection, just like a douche not with a needle. Keep eating healthily too and stay off alcohol and greasy foods and get plenty of sleep & try not to stress out yourself out. Lots of people have these and your immune system will eventually kick it but only if your looking after yourself. Also, invest in some bio oil too, it will sooth the burn from the ACV afterwards. Keep us updated.


apple cider vinegar availablein allsuper market in vinegar section, i used white vinegar like datu puti bcoz at first i thought also theres no alavailabe acv here in the phil but it also work may anus warts gets smaller now. believe me or not, i want to give hope for everyone bcoz even me experience this anus warts that makes me crazy


Just started the ACV treatment the other night. Please be careful with this stuff. I figured since it was organic, natural, etc., I was okay. I applied it using a cotton rag, and then reapplied it several times over the course of the evening. I didn't realize until the next day that the vinegar treatment really burned my skin down there. I consider myself pretty tough when it comes to such things, but please be careful. I am not suggesting the treatment doesn't work (it is too soon to tell), however, I would only apply it for minutes at a time, and then increase applications as you become familiar with how it works. The vinegar burned my skin so bad, I could hardly walk, cough, etc. Going to the bathroom (bowel movement), was off the charts.

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