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I don't usually post in these things but felt I should contribute what I found. I've had a terrible yeast infection and started taking difluorcan for it but the itching has been driving me crazy. Last night and today I cut up a garlic clove and stuck a few small pieces inside my Va JJ and in the folds around it. After the burning subsided which nearly sent me through the roof from the stinging (about 5-10 min.), I actually had a few hours of relief from the itching. Nothing else has worked to relieve the itching. After a few hours or when I peed and the area was moist, I stuck new garlic and again experienced 5-10 of intense burning and then hours of relief from the itching. Honestly now 24 hrs later, my vag is raw, but the itching has gone away. Thank goodness!!!!! The rawness will heal.

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How do you get the garlic out? Seems like a popular treatment, so I'd like to try it. Thank you in advance!!

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