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keith hopkins

my remedy is 2 submits down, i would like to short summon up mange,give puppies while nursing sunlight where it usually starts weaking immune system that micro living organisms in the skin if you dont give them sunlight. Under the skin more immune systems the living organisms where blood mites belong and do there part in us and dogs. So if one immune weakens for a little bit the other keeps doin its part things can happen could mange, so my remedy helps the skin stay balanced with the mites that comeback after no matter how many dips. Keep em clean and sunlight parts of the day, cool too, they will get stronger skin immune usually five months and during usually dont have to do treatment just there rough month, i did it on the white soft boxer hair and still works hardest hair to do,so instead of goin under the skin to treat where things are normal, you treat the skin until normal costs way way way less.

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very cool and good to know thanks (dcuo 4 life)


this was really difficult to read. But I think I got it, thank you!

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