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Hey everyone!

I have been diagnosed with herpes type 2 for about three years now. I contracted it from an ex and it was definitely a tough time in my life. I am slowly learning to deal with it, but it has taken an emotional toll on me. I haven't been sexually active or in a relationship in a while because I am afraid of spreading. I've told my good friends, but they don't truly understand the severity of the pain I go through. I'm only 23 and fear that I will never leave a normal life again. It is nice to have people that can relate. So I truly say God Bless you all and if you need someone reach out.

I also would like to know if anyone has used LAMISIL by chance? If so, how was that experience?

Anyways don't want to go on too long. I recommend alcohol to cure ob.

Best of luck. XOXO

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Hey I'm just 18 years old I just just got diagonised with herpes I am serious going through a hard time I feel so disgusted of myself I cannot even talk to anyone about this.I have not gotten any blisters but I have been so irritated in my vagina is the worst feeling.I truly feel I am not going to have a normal life! I'm so depressed :(

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