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OMG, let me be just say that the GARLIC remedy is AMAZING! I had a yeast infection for 3 days and it was horrible. Itching, burning, and just so much irritation... I came on this website, like I usually do to find home remedies for stuff, because I hate having to spend money on over the counter products that don't even work most of the time... and most of the people on here praised the garlic so I chose to try it out. I was a bit sceptic a first l mean it is garlic after all... anyway, I tried it and I got almost instant relief of the itch and burn. I took two garlic cloves. Threaded them together and left about 6 inches of string hanging so that after I inserted it, they could be easily removed(like a tampon). I left them in for about 2 hours or so (I took a nap) and then took them out. You will smell garlicky so I recommend taking a shower after. I did this for two days and my infection was completely gone! Also, before I did the 'garlic tampon' I put Vaseline on the girl to relive the itch and it worked too!

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