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I was so tired, very short of breath, has terrible restless leg syndome and my hair was falling out. Doc said my hemoglobin was fine. FERRITIN is what you want to check. If mine gets around 40, which is still considered normal, I can hardly function. My hematologist does an IV infusion of VENOFIR, 200 mgs. once a week for six weeks...this holds me over for about six months or so and then I repeat. I have tied every iron supplement and none are absorbed by my body, so the IV is the only solution. Ideally, a woman's ferritin should be around 100 for her to feel vital and energetic. My anemia is caused by heavy periods and should cease after menopause, but in the meantime, the venofir has given me my life back! I tried another iron solution via IV that did not work as well, so I strongly recommend the venofir. I had NO side effects using it.

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fellow sufferer

My ferretin was 5 and I got same IV meds it really helped. Now on iron pills.

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