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Professor EMCE

Its almost 3 months after denying that i have warts in my anus. Many times i told to myself to visit a doctor but i am afraid and shy about the situation. Fortunately i found this site and after reading and reviewing remedies finally i decided to have my first attempt to use ACV. Today is my second day and i am hoping it will be effective so i can stop thinking about things. I used cotton balls with ACV and put it in the area. I make it overnight to have better result. I did it every night. Now, i am just waiting for positive result of this remedy. Anyway thanks for the info guys you lessen my worries. Ill keep posting for my result. Take carw everyone!

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Good news after 3 days some warts already gone. Looking forward to be warts free soon
Take care guys


so how was it? is the wartz completely gone? this is my third day trying it.
and i can see it reduce quite a lot. but it still there. what about u?
please reply


apple cider vinegar availablein allsuper market in vinegar section, i used white vinegar like datu puti bcoz at first i thought also theres no alavailabe acv here in the phil but it also work may anus warts gets smaller now. believe me or not, i want to give hope for everyone bcoz even me experience this anus warts that makes me crazy

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