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I was just diagnosed with gh Thursday April 10,2014 and I'm having my first outbreak. This is the most painful thing I have ever been through not just physically but emotional too. I've been crying everyday because I'm embarrassed, I'm hurt, I'm disgusted with myself ! I think I'm going into depression 😢 My friends say it's going to be okay etc etc but I just feel like I want to die I cant live like this. Every time I use to the bathroom it burns, these bumps/blisters are killing me & it seems like their never going to heal. I haven't tried any remedies yet but I'm hoping one of these helps

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I don't know you and your life situation....
But don't let anyone say you're any different than you were before you got herpes. Have you changed besides getting herpes? No.Don't let it get you down.I ended up in a mental hospital before I realized that having herpes doesn't make me who I doesn't change me.And I know the first outbreak sucks...but the good news is, your first one is your worst one. Keep your head up. It will be okay and someone will love you for you, not whats in your pants (:


I was diagnosed 5 years ago and I felt the same way. I had a whole combination of emotions going on. I cried in the doctor's office. It gets better. The book Nutritional Healing is helpful. Be kind to yourself and remember you are loved.


I haven't been tested yet but I know that that's what I have contracted !! Just noticed it a couple of months ago & it has me in depression & a lot of stressful thoughts !!


I've had it (gh) for 4 years now. I've been fortunate enough to have only had a few ob's since then. I understand the sadness you feel and I too felt the same way. Things will get better, it's best to learn how to take care of yourself now since your body is a affected by this. The positive side is we all get to wake up the next day and live a normal life. God bless you.


I understand how you feel my sons father gave it to me. I was disgusted and sickened and coukd not stop crying I thought my life was over! I was 22 then and now I am 39 and it is really not a bog deal anymore. You will be ok! Just dont have sex when you have a outbreak and when you do have a outbreak you can soak in the bath tub and use creams to stop the itching and pain. Now I somehow have started getting out breaks on my face and I have no ideal how it got spread to my face/ mouth. I havent had sexual relations with anyone orally nor kissed anyone. Idk but I have a bottle of aclovier from the dr that ive been taking and other creams. Its only temporary but dont sit here and read all the bad stuff bc you will only make your self overreact and there is no need! Plus worrying abt it makes more outbreaks or slows healings. You are going to be OK! TRust me!

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