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Ok so I'm submitting this because I cant find anyone who really wants to disclose the location of this boil. I have a boil on the inside of my vaginal lips, on the mucous membrane. It hurts like , well you know what. I went to the hospital and couldn't bring myself to get it lanced. So I came home from work and took a hot bath and put ichthammol on it and a couple pieces of folded toilet paper. About an hour later it has popped and is draining. There is relief but it still hurts, after all is an open wound. But I just packed it with more toilet paper, because it's 2am and I'm not going to get guaze. So if you have this problem, try this. In the morning I will also clean it and do.the toilet paper thing but probably with neosporin, because of where it is, and keep cleaning it and changing everything. I work in a real hot factory so it will be a challenge. Hopefully this will help.some poor girl who may have the same issue.

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I get them all the time and usually end up having to get it drain and packed by a doctor. I felt it coming back again the other day, and now the swelling and pain is starting to set in. It is called a bartholin's cyst. This is my 6th one in a year. Im waiting to see a gynecologist to get the gland removed to prevent it from happening all the time


How long did you leave the cream on for? I have one and it has been here for two days. When I usually get them they burst on its own, but this one is hurting me so bad & I really just can't bring myself to go to the hospital for it to be lanced or cut.


Don’t read this unless you are serious about getting rid of that painful boil. Mine was on the plumber’s crack I had one same place a couple years ago and it took 1 and ½ weeks to burst and drain. This one came on July 3 by July 7 I was ready to cry, the pain and discomfort of sitting was unbearable. I was ready to spend the $100 to have the doctor drain it but if it wasn’t “ripe” they wouldn’t do it. I went to this site and read about Ichthammol ointment. O.K. I am an engineer and skeptical, but what did I have to lose. I went to the pharmacy and bought a tube and some gauze. Now this thing was the size of a golf ball, I put the ointment on at noon thirty and at 4PM I forgot and plopped down in a chair and felt almost no pain, although my shorts felt a little wet. I went and checked and the golf ball was virtually gone. I am 68 years old and this stuff worked better than any prescription drug I have ever taken. PLEASE try it, Total price for gauze and ointment under $10, worth several hundred. I will continue using it for a few days to make sure it is gone, but this stuff really works.


I actually have Bartholins Cysts. Which as the first commenter said, is what is sounds like you have. This occurs when your gland that provides lubrication for your vagina gets 'clogged'. It sucks but I've had luck treating mine at home.
My first cyst was small but within 2 days it became unbearable to live with. It was honestly the size of a golf ball, located exactly where yours is. I went to the emergency room but the physician was extremely rude and wouldn't listen to my concerns, only wanted to lance it and be done. As well as squeezing it roughly when I told him how it literally was the worst pain I've experienced ( breaking my arm and a car's still the worst). I wouldn't let him touch me after. I asked for antibiotics. Went to cvs and bought gauze, calamine lotion, witch hazel and tea tree oil. Amazing results! I mixed all three onto a gauze and would literally just fold it in half and place it on my cyst between the lip of my vjay. The tea tree oil provided a cooling relief almost numbing in a sense. Took the edge off of the pain. The calamine dries it out and the witch hazel cleanses it. Changing the gauze every few hours and applying a heating pad the area. The hearing pad was the only way I could sleep. Is have to stick it between my legs. Within two days it came to a head and was flattening and leaving tiny drops of blood on the gauze. I then pressed and made a mirco cut on the top. An avalanche of the inside came gushing out. The pressure was relieve instantly. I spent 20 mins make sure to get everything out and cleaned it up. I used the gauze for two more days to make sure it didn't come back and to dry it out completely.

Good to go

Well I got a boil under my arm and it hurt like I went to hell so I decided to put vick's on it and instant the pain was going so now I'm waiting to see if it bust on it's own


I have a Cyst on my chin, do I dare use the calamine lotion, tea tree lotion and witch hazel all together on it.

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