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I burned my middle finger at the tip about 2 hours ago and I had just had sum ice on it but every time I took my finger from the ice it felt like it was on fire. So I Googled home remedies and found this site. Nun of these worked for me untill I found the one with the candle wax. Just burn a candle and put the wax over the burn and let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes. Now you can still fell it a little but it is very variable. .Good luck

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YES, CANDLE WAX!!! Burned my hand this morning by touching a pan while my son was 'helping' me make pancakes...I wasn't thinking and touched the side of it to slide it over just to make it a bit more safe for him...whoops! In the process I burnt my two middle fingers pretty bad! I put ice on for about 15 minutes then candle wax. At first the wax burned - not because the wax was too hot, but because it was warm on my already burned hand. After about 30 seconds, it felt awesome! Left the wax on for about 30 minutes and I'm good to go! No problems! Thanks!


Didn't work AT ALL



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