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I have had intense tooth ache problems for a couple of months now - no dental insurance. I have tried Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, aspirin, and even some strong prescription pain relievers that did very little - only dulled the pain. I also tried my WaterPic, hydrogen peroxide and Orajel with no success. Purely by accident, I found that by swishing about 1 tsp of Robitussin DM -yes cough medicine -(I actually use WalMart's Equate brand 'Tussin DM' - much cheaper)in the area causing the pain, it diminishes the pain immediately, and the pain is gone within a couple more minutes. I do not know how or why it works but it does. The relief lasts 2 to 3+ hours. It is not a long-term solution but it will at least get you to a point where you are able to function.

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I tried this today after being in pain for over 24 hours. It took about 10 minutes for the pain to go away, but it definitely works! Thanks for this. I'd never have thought of it.


Thank you for posting this! You are am angel!!


This actually works better than orajel or any other remedy I could think of. This advice that you have saved my buddy, turned tears into a smile a GODSEND THANK YOU SO MUCH


Just tired this a little bit ago after being in awful pain for 3 or 4 days now & realizing that the whole left side of my face is tremendously swollen. I even did it with two tablespoons back to back. It did take away a bit of pain immediately, which I am so thankful for, but it's been about 20 minutes now & I'm still hurting. Just thought I'd share that. Thank you for the option though! (:


Infections in your mouth can eventually turn into infections in your brain, tumors, and death. This isnt something you should be doing more than once. Go to a community hospital if you have no insurance


Thank you for this suggestion. I've been suffering with this toothache for about a week now. I'm already taking a lot of meds & wanted to try a home remedy other than the 1 I've tried thus far which is gargling a mixture of hot water, vinegar & salt. That did help for about 5 hrs or so, along with the prescribed pain meds I'm taking for something else. So, I just tried doing this remedy with the prescription cough medicine I just got from the Dr because I finished Robutussin DM that I was taking for this cold /flu I have. It did bring a little relief but I'm still having some dull, throbbing pain in my gum, jaw, face & head. I've also tried the maximum strength oral gel which brings a little relief as well.


Does not work for me, I have an hour before I get this tooth out, this pain is unbearable. And I hope to take this tooth out ASAP.


This is a lifesaver! I am facing a 3 day weekend with a holiday on Monday before I can even talk to a dentist! Thank you for posting this! If I didn't have children already I would name my first child after you!


It's already working ! Thanks


Thank you so much!! I am in pain and trying different things like cloves, prescribed iBurprofen, salt water but nothing work out.
Finally I thought of trying your suggestion and use 'NyQuail' Cold and cough and pain immediately gone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have doctor appointment tomorrow @ 9am and hoping can sleep well tonight.

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